Nutrition Tips

5 Ideas for Managing Nutritional Needs During the Holidays

holiday dinner

Note: These tips are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Talk to your healthcare team for nutritional advice or specific questions you have about managing your condition or that of a loved one.

People living with pancreatic cancer may find eating during the holiday season particularly challenging.

Well-meaning caregivers, family, and friends trying to be helpful may not realize that their gifts of holiday candies and homemade goodies, and offers to bring over “your favorite foods,” may not be appealing or even appetizing. Even worse, they may aggravate your symptoms. When you’re not feeling well, it can be very difficult to tell the people who care for you that you are not able to accept their kind gestures and offerings of food.

Here are 5 ideas for managing nutritional needs during the holidays:

1. Tell well-wishers what you like now

Provide specific ideas about what sounds good to you. Every bite counts!

2. Provide a list of your dietary restrictions

Provide a list of your dietary restrictions so that well-meaning friends and family do not unintentionally bring foods that may aggravate your symptoms.

3. Suggest a favorite standby

Sometimes your favorite standbys can be the best and most appetizing things to eat. Consider providing family and friends with your special recipes.

4. Experiment with new foods

You can also experiment with new foods during this time; some people find that new foods become their favorites.

5. Make shopping the gift!

Have family or friends help you make a shopping list and have them do the shopping.

These nutritional tips were developed by registered dietitians who are board-certified specialists in oncology nutrition affiliated with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Savor Health.