Financial Concerns

Understanding the Costs Related to Cancer Care

Medical costs related to cancer care may be readily visible. But associated costs may be less obvious and harder to anticipate and budget for. These “hidden” costs can include items like increased transportation, childcare, elder care, and meals.

Read about some considerations of hidden costs related to cancer care:

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50 Questions About Costs Associated With Cancer Care

A starter list of questions for those new to thinking about financial costs of cancer care and related issues. Each person’s situation is unique, so not all the questions may apply to yours.

Getting Money From Life Insurance Policies

In some cases, life insurance policies can become a source of income while the insured is still living. This is accomplished through living benefits, an acceleration of the life insurance policy’s death benefits.

While choosing to use a life insurance policy as a source of income makes sense for some, this choice also has drawbacks, which can include a lack of insurance for heirs, irreversible sales, etc.

For more information about living benefits, including viaticals, life settlements, and lines of credit, visit the American Cancer Society website.

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Glossary of Terms Related to Cancer Care Costs

People living with pancreatic cancer may encounter a variety of unfamiliar terms related to the cost of their care. These terms can range from those related to insurance and billing, to legal and regulatory issues.