Questions for Your Doctor and Preparing for Appointments

12 Quick Tips for Getting Organized After a Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Getting organized after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can help you feel more in control.

Visit for a dozen organizational tips, or check out to read about gathering information and making decisions.

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Questions to Ask During Your Healthcare Appointments

Talking often with the doctor and other members of the healthcare team helps you make informed decisions about your health care and treatment plan. It also helps to keep the lines of communication open.

Communicating Effectively With a Healthcare Team

Patients may have many questions when they learn that they have pancreatic cancer. A good relationship with their healthcare team can make it easier to get the information they need. When patients talk with members of the team, it’s important that they understand:

  • What they need to do
  • When they need to do it
  • Why these things may help them

But first, they should decide how much information they want to know. Some people want all the details. This helps them feel in control. Others don’t. They want only a little information. Everyone is different. Patients shouldn’t be afraid to tell their doctor how much information they are comfortable with.

A variety of websites have good suggestions for communicating effectively with a healthcare team. Take a look at:

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Tips for Preparing for Your Healthcare Appointments

From writing down all your current symptoms, to making a list of all the medicines, vitamins, or supplements you're taking, there are a number of things you can do before your appointments so you can get the most out of them.

Why and How to Keep a Personal Medical Record

  • Give new doctors the information they need to help provide you with the best medical care
  • Take the time you need at home to read and understand your records
  • Better manage health insurance claims, taxes, and disability and life insurance claims

Making the Most of Your Visit (From a Doctor’s Point of View)

Your healthcare team may also have suggestions for making the most out of your appointments. Consider asking them directly how they’d like you to prepare for your appointments.

How to Prepare for Chemotherapy

You may be surprised that many doctors recommend you visit your dentist before you start treatment. Your doctor and healthcare team will tell you if you should, and what else you should do to prepare for your specific chemotherapy treatment.

How to Prepare for a Mental Health Appointment

A serious disease like pancreatic cancer can affect more than the body. Some people find the stresses and challenges of the disease can also cause symptoms of depression. Their primary physicians may refer them to specialists in treating conditions like these. Taking steps to prepare for the appointment can help.

For ways to prepare for a mental health appointment.